What makes Baking Dream so special?

We put a sprinkle of love and a few spoons of happiness in our creations to bring more joy to your life.

Who I am

Since I was a kid culinary arts was always one of my passions.  For years I tried to pursue a career on this area, but life always took me to different paths.  It wasn’t until sometime in 2010 when I decided it was time to take the plunge and make it happen.

My career as a Pastry Chef started at Le Cordon Bleu where I learned important techniques.  Then I joined the Turnberry Isle Pastry Team, where I began to learn the tricks of the trade.  Since then I spent some time developing my skills at the Fontainebleau Hotel and more recently at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach.
And now it’s time to start walking on my own feet.

It all started as a dream.  My dream of baking.  Baking Dreams.

It is very important to us to create products that taste and look good, but it is even more important to help write your story in a positive, memorable and yummy way.